Welcome to Control Widgets

This is the home of a tiny board I originally designed to be a Large Scale Model Train Controller but it will also work in a variety of control applications. Essentially this is a micro Ardunio compatible board with an Xbee 802.15.4 shield, all rolled into one compact, low cost device. You can control servos, motor controllers, discrete outputs, read digital and analog inputs, play sounds and communicate via real-time wireless.


  • 8 Mhz Attiny 1634 microcontroller, little brother of Ardunio.
  • Supports real-time radio control of servos, motor controllers and discrete on/off loads.
  • Drives an optional sound card, 8 channels of 1000 sounds, user programmable.
  • Setup for Xbee series 1 802.15.4 radio network modules, 300ft range, 250kbs data rate.
  • Also compatible with WiFly 802.11 Wifi TCP/IP wireless module.
  • Reads analog and digital inputs.
  • Supports the Sparkfun ID-20 RFID reader.
  • Open source software modules.
  • Ardunio Libraries and IDE Support.

Please note that this is an ongoing project and is currently in an ‘alpha release’ mode for lack of a better term. Everything works and I actually have this installed in an Aristocraft RS3, but it’s not at what I would call a ‘consumer’ level- it’s more of an engineering/experimenter release.

If you have specific questions or ideas, feel free to contact me directly at martan@cstone.net


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